June 6th, 2010

Yote - I Has Cupcake

Disney Trip!

Okay, got my Disney trip booked. Me and Ante are staying at Port Orleans Riverside from September 2 to 8. Got that booked a few days ago, but I just got my dinner reservations figured out today. There is a chance things may change slightly, but at the moment, our list is:

Thursday Dinner: The Crystal Palace
Friday Dinner: San Angel Inn
Saturday Dinner: Coral Reef
Sunday Dinner: 'Ohana
Monday Lunch: Sci-Fi Dine-In
Monday Dinner: 50's Prime Time Café
Tuesday Dinner: Boatwright's
Wednesday Lunch: Planet Hollywood

I'm really excited. I'm going to get to see the new Space Mountain, eager to see what has changed. I'm also going to be there after Captain EO reopens, and before Star Tours closes. I can't believe that they're adding podracing to it.
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