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Half-Assed Califur Report

Putting in a stack of hours for work today, because I accidentally slept all day yesterday (13 hours!) instead of working. Anyways, con report time! As usual, I'll be half-assing it, if you want a full report, go read Streak's, I followed him most of the con. I hung around sushicougar, streakthetiger, and furball2k for the most part. Pictures are coming later, and I'm not sure I got the days right, but here goes.

Thursday - Night at the Fights
Woke up far too early, got to the airport with barely enough time, but still made the plane. Changed planes in Newark, NJ and promptly sat on the tarmac for about an hour and a half. Also, when landing we got close to the runway than put the gear back up and took off again, apparently there was "too much traffic"... Oh, and I started and finished reading Waterways on that flight. It was really good. Once I finally got to SNA, I met Streak and Furball, paid $3.50 for a Coke, than met Sushi. Somehow we managed to get everything and everyone Tetrised into Streak's Neon and got to the hotel. Lunch happened at the IHOP. Got a "Mount and Do Me" shirt at Spencers. I suited up and went down with everyone to the "Night at the Fights", which was awesome. No idea what that was, but there was a ring set up in one of the ballrooms and everyone was formally dressed. Got my picture taken next to a bunch of women (who appeared, in this gay males opinion, at least reasonably hot), one drunk guy (who wasn't), and an Audi R8 (which is not an awesome car). Also, that totally makes me the first suiter of the con. Ordered pizza, it was good, the "garlic" bread sticks weren't.

Friday - Califur Day 1
Went to IHOP, registered, some other stuff. Went to Kinko's to get something scanned, should have been quick, but wasn't. Than we made it to Jamba Juice, my credit card decided to wait at the Kinko's. After heading back to get it, we made it back for the Furtopia meet at the cafe. A picture was taken, but Streak framed it so I wasn't in it (jerk :P ). I had a brownie, it was almost worth the $2 I paid. Got two badges from the metal badge guy, the Danielle badge was totally better than the KwiK one, so I only wore that one. Dinner was at Islands, apparently a burger place, but completely full of awesme. Managed to spill soda on myself. Apparently nekomonthetiger, the fourth in the room, showed up at some point, I rarely saw him. I suited around at some point, ran into some flight attendants, one of which had a cousin who was a fur. I think they're now coming to AC Also while I was talking to someone in suit, some idiot jumped on my back and almost took me over backwards (fortunately a friend caught me). Apparently the cameraman told him to do that.. A party happened in the room around midnight, a million people attended (including the flight attendants), I got claustrophobic and sat in the corner or the balcony or the hall, wherever there was space. The party got shut down by security around 3:30am, they took down our room signs, we put them back up. tally_kat slept with me that night. :P

Saturday - Califur Day 2
Breakfast at IHOP. Ended up at Ralph's, it turns out I don't fit in the kiddie carts. Got back and suited up for the lamest fursuit parade ever. We mostly went through service hallways, than ended up outside without a private place to de-head, and without water. Than the Pet Auction happened, Furball was in it, he went for $55. Several others were also in it, some creepy, all sold. I decided the event itself was creepy in a way, but I may do it if I make Califur again. We went to Claim Jumper for dinner, Streak recommended the pot pie. It was amazing, ate around the mushrooms. Had a micro-party, this time I could handle it no problem, was mostly furs I knew too, which was nice. I think this was the day the black curtains appeared, hiding us from the cranky wedding party. Turns out we were in the room next to the couple getting married too. I also think this was the day I got horribly dehydrated in suit. I got separated from Streak and everyone (I hate getting separated while suiting), kept tryig to find him, and couldn't get upstairs to the headless lounge because of the elevators. Luckily Streak got me to it, and Furball helped get me fixed. Thanks a lot guys.

Sunday - Califur Day 3
IHOP for breakfast again. Watched the art auction for some reason, didn't bid, but I learned from someone that Danielle is actually circuscookies Went to the bitch session, listened to many people repeat the same complaints. It's like they don't have ears, we heard the first time, add something or shut up. Got a $1 Gideon badge, and took it to the metal badge guy and tured it into an $11 metal con badge, and wore that the rest of the con. Showed it to Gideon, he was amused. Went to Downtown Disney for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. It was fantastic, makes me really want to make a Disney trip work, look for it August '09. ^^ Got a shirt from Rainforest to prove I was there. Also, Sushi hadn't ever seen the ocean, so we went on a bit of an adventure to find it. All the beaches were closed though, but eventually we went to one anyways. The police kicked us out pretty quickly, but Furball and Sushi did get to touch the water.

Sunday Night - Hotel Repairs
Streak fell asleep. Furball took down the lights, and part of the ceiling, but left a bunch of tape goo. He tried to clean it for a while, without much luck, using some random leftover alcohol, shampoo, hot water, and whatever. We tried to wake Streak up with the alarm clock, he sleeps like a deadman. So we stole Streak's keys. On the way to the parking lot I stole a sign from the wedding. Than we stole Streak's car, and went to Ralph's to pick up supplies. After we got back, Furball started to remove the tape gunk with Goo Gone, while I painted the roof with White Out. He finished the painting. Slept from 5:30am to 8, fantastic.

Monday - Lobby Con
Me and Sushi had to be out of the rooms by 1pm, so we headed to the lobby all day. Paid $11 for the internet, than couldn't use it. Lunch was at the Cafe. It was sad, we started with 9 furs, than went down to 4, than it was just me and Sushi. Sushi drew me a badge on elephant poop paper. She hates it, I like it, my fingers are only slightly retarded in it. :P We left for the airport and bus station respectively, but her taxi left before my airport shuttle, so I was the last furry of Califur. Great sadness. Dinner was a burger at Oasis in the airport. Paid for the internet, couldn't really use it because it kept breaking for no reason. Boarded a plane for Newark, NJ around 9pm Cali time.

Tuesday - Sleep
Watched The Bucket List, on the plane, it was okay, not great. Slept the rest of the flight. Payed for the interest again in Newark, could actually use it the whole time this time. Boarded a flight home, which was only 26 minutes in the air apparently. Landed around 9:15am, got my stuff and was home before 10am. Was supposed to work, but slept from 10am until 11pm instead. Been awake since.

Guess that wasn't overly half-assed, oh well. Also, is it Anthrocon yet? I want AC now!

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